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A slasher who knows how to slash

01 December 2023
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Are we all slashers?

You've probably already heard of this concept that has appeared in our working lives: the slasher. This word has been used to defend a philosophy of work in which we give ourselves the right to explore several subjects, without necessarily seeking to establish links between them. In contrast to a "linear" career, where you climb the ladder and specialize in a specific skill, the slashers carry out several activities. Because they need diversity, for economic reasons or out of curiosity, they like to explore. We've chosen to take a look at this new way of valuing work and to share a few testimonials with you. And maybe you'll discover that you're a slasher without knowing it!

🔎 "A slasher who knows how to slash": Who are the slashers? Why have they chosen this path? Above all, is slashing the future of work? We went to meet them and find out.
🐱 Cécile Coutens (ESCP 95), pet industry expert and first woman at the head of Royal Canin, world leader in healthy pet food, tells you more about the success story of a small Gard-based company that has conquered the world.
✈️ Come aboard with Louise Cabiac (MiM 20), who, after her studies, honored her genes and finally decided to become an airline pilot.


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