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40 under 40

26 March 2024
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Shape the future together

Selecting 40 alumni under 40 who form a true kaleidoscope of our community was quite a challenge. And the result lives up to our expectations: it reflects the diversity, richness, and talent of our graduates. Whether they are unicorn creators, Olympic runners-up, or game changers, decision-makers in all fields, they have inspired us and made us want to share their journeys with you. All these profiles are shaping the future. This is also what we
aim to do at ESCP Alumni: to accompany you in building the future. A future that resembles us: open, inclusive, and optimistic.

🚀 "40 UNDER 40: Alumni building the future": Discover 40 emblematic faces of the ESCP community. With their various backgrounds, origins, fields of action and talents, they make ESCP Business School's colors shine. 
🌐 Clément Delangue (MiM 12) is co-founder and CEO of Hugging Face, one of the major players in the artificial intelligence sector. With its open, collaborative machine learning platform, the Franco-American unicorn defends an ambitious, democratic and inclusive vision of AI.
🌍 Meet Roselyne Chambrier (MiM 09), who is banking on industrialization in Africa. As head of the Arise Ivoire group, she is convinced of the potential of the African continent. 



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