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Is there a side to your skills and expertise that you would like to practise, develop or deepen to achieve your personal goals? Would you like to add some experience to your CV? Or spread your expertise through the network?... Let's help other Alumni as a thank you for all the help you have received!

Here are several options. Choose the ones that are most relevant to you and get in touch!

And if you have other ideas we have not thought about, let us know! Contact our Career team via mail or by phone: +33 (0) 1 48 05 46 27


You have specific expertise or a subject that is particularly close to your heart, which does not appear in our offer and want to discover at a conference, workshop or webinar? Let's get in touch!
We continue to develop our remote offers, in English or French, especially courses that can be run via webinar !

  • LinkedIn Check provides a quick return on his LinkedIn profile and get the keys to building an effective visibility. You are an expert of social networks, a hunter actively using LinkedIn or LinkedIn you handle with ease ? Join us !
  • CV Check provides a quick return on his resume. You are a professional recruiter or a certified coach? Contact us!
  • Conduct a mock interviews Are you an expert in a certain branch, position or language?  Have you already conducted recruitment interviews and you like doing it?  If you would like to help alumni prepare for their interviews, contact us !


  • Conceive and facilitate a conference or a workshop

Do you have a particular expertise, a subject you're particularly good at, something you love and want to share in a conference or a workshop?  Please do not hesitate to contact us to offer your skills and expertise: +33 (0)1 48 05 46 27 or email us!

  • Become an AVARAP facilitator (in London or in France)

To become an AVARAP facilitator (running and coordination of an AVARAP career-change programme), it requires a committment over a 4 month (UK) to 8 month (FR) period of time as a teacher and a facilitator, ensuring that a group of 6-12 people work well together.  The ideal candidates are issued from the corporate world and have at least 10 years of work experience, usually aged 35-50 and often from management positions in human resources. 

Candidates will follow a 7-day training course with AVARAP association in Paris, held over several week-ends. Training is in French and is fully financed by the ESCP Alumni Association.

Facilitators based in France:
AVARAP sessions last 6 to 8 months in the Paris campus. The facilitator will run the group during the first 4 months. After that, a "group leader", chosen by all group members will take over and lead the group to the end of the programme (a specific facilitator's training will be given to the chosen group leader).

Facilitators in the UK:
AVARAP sessions last 4 to 5 months in the London campus. The facilitator's role is to run and coordinate the group till the end of the programme.


We need you!

We always need people to update our  internal dashboards, summarize the year's evaluations, research around a specific theme or create a new working document. Feel free to contact us, should you have some spare time, your help will always be appreciated! Contact us on +33 (0)1 48 05 46 27 or email us!

Do you speak several languages? Do you have a passion for foreign idioms and possess the skills of a translator? We need you!  Our main need is for people to translate from French to English, Italian, Spanish, and German.  If you would like to help, please contact us: +33 (0)1 48 05 46 27 or email us.





   Robert Hidoux



 Olivier Leroy
 Testimonials from our AVARAP facilitators    



Robert Hidoux became AVARAP facilitator in 2009 and has already run 5 groups : "Facilitating an AVARAP group represents a strong engagement in time and energy, but not only. It is a fun and unimaginable rich experience! For me being an AVARAP Facilitator means guiding a group towards the achievement of the career project of each participant.

A project which is in line with their values and ambitions. But this is not all! Furthermore, thanks to the facilitation of the weekly workshops, my management style has also greatly benefited from this experience. Indeed, in my everyday worklife I now manage my teams and projets in a different way. The training I have received to become AVARAP facilitator has greatly improved my soft skills within my current company: I organise my work more efficiently and facilitating the different groups has showed me the power of group dynamics.

I developed greater communication skills and empathy, which allows me to bring out the best of my team members. Being an AVARAP facilitator also allows me to be aware of the employment market and to expand my network "








Olivier Leroy AVARAP facilitator since March 2008 and run 3 groups: "my role as AVARAP facilitator is first of all a pleasure; it is a human adventure - although the phrase lacks originality - in which the values ​​of attentiveness, trust, solidarity find all their meaning. The AVARAP facilitator must gurarantee the application of these values, which are rare in companies nowadays.

It is the pleasure of observing the professional and personal guidance in action. From a technical perspective, facilitating an AVARAP group is an opportunity to:

- Discover and implement a strong and efficient methodology;

- Improve your communication skills (giving feedback, delivering a message, asking for explainations, etc..) with respect, and learning to balance relational and emotional dimensions;

- Develop your facilitation skills to better serve the career project of each group member;

- Enrich your management skills through active listening, emulation, confrontation: become a manager-people development, who helps the individual to find his own resources.

A great experience overall, rewarding, engaging and fulfilling"