Are you a student and want to be accompanied in your choices and your career path? The mentorship programme is made for you!

This program allows you to meet volunteer Alumni who can guide you, share their experiences and share with you advice and teachings in a friendly way.

The program is open for students members of ESCP Alumni from the BSc, MiM, MBA in International Management and MS programs.

Each year, several hundreds pairs of mentor and mentees are created for a shared benefit.

What is mentorship?

The mentorship allows students to be supported in the definition of their professional project by Alumni wishing to share their career and their success tips.

Whether you need a feedback on your pitch, your resume, questions about how to approach recruitment interviews. Whether you want to know more about an alumni's career, the issues he or she faces: your mentor can help you out.

The association is committed to facilitating the formation of the duo through our mentorship web module and to allow mentors and mentees to meet at a special "Mentorship Alumnight" evening in November.

It is up to you to see what form it should take: e-mail discussion, calls, face-to-face meetings, Skype, etc.
The purpose of this relationship is to create a real exchange that is rewarding for the two of you.



The mentorship programme starts each year, between October and November: remember to check your inbox to be informed of the opening!


How does it work?

 1. Log in to your personal space with your login details and password. If it is the first time or if you forgot your password, please click on “Forgot my password/1st connection”

2. Once you are connected, click on the blue rectangle entitled ‘Mentorship programme’ which is located at the center of the page. Access the module.  

 3. You are now on the search engine which proose you to fill in precise criteria: keywords, position, industry, interests… A list of alumni whose profile matches with your search will appear.

 4. When you find the profile that best matches your expectations, click on « Make this alumni my mentor ». that’s it ! The duo is created. The alumnus/a is informed of your choice and a first contact mail is sent to you both, sharing your contact details.

N.B : You can only have one mentor during your studies.

And then ?
A few tips to start your relationship:



Do not forget that you are the driving force of this mentorship relationship. It belongs to you to initiate the exchange: in the first few weeks, contact him or her via e-mail or by phone and set up a meeting (via video call tools, or face-to-face if conditions allow you to do so).



If you have no response after a week or two, feel free to try contact your mentor again by phone.



You choose your mentor for the duration of your studies (and beyond, we hope!). If it suits you both, plan fairly regular meetings, the idea is to maintain this privileged exchange over the long term.



Prepare topics and questions before you first meet: your mentor’s academic and career path, exprerience, project, and advice for your studies, etc.



MENTORSHIP CHARTER - Mentee commitment

The student commits to : 
- Keep your mentor informed of your professional objectives, your motivations and ambitions.
- Regularly update your mentor and stay available for meetings ,
- Keep your mentor informed of your academic and professional evolution
- Ensure your mentee's role in an open and confident way until your graduation



For more details, please contact our Network team - Tel : + 33 (0)1 43 57 54 53