Your career and experience are real assets for students now. What if you made them benefit from it ?


If you want to get involved in the ESCP Alumni network and give back some of what you received, share your experience supporting a student!


Each year, hundreds of students are willing to be guided in their choice and academic path. They need to meet Alumni who will be able to help them find their way, share their experience and advice with them in goodwill.

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring a student means give goodwill, advice and time to your mentee and to build a relationship rich of exchange and beneficial for both of you.

When you become a mentor, you contribute to the quality of our network and to the influence of our school by passing down our values to the next generation.


When ?
Each year, the association launches its recruitment campaign for new mentors between summer and september.

The mentorship programme is then open for students on October.

If you are interested in becoming a ESCP Alumni mentor, please follow these steps :


How does it work?
To take part in the mentorship programme, you just have to log in to your personal space and click on the "Mentorship 2020-21 box at the center of the page:

You will then be able to fill in a short questionnaire (company, industry, country and bio). Please try to be the as complete and accurate as possible because the students choose their mentor by identifying pofiles thanks to keywords and criteria. If you are based outside France, please mention it in your presentation, you wiil be able to build your mentorship relationship remotely from aborad easily !

If you are selected by a student, you will both receive an e-mail sharing your contact details and he or she will be asked to initiate the first contact.


Some tips to start your mentorship relationship :

 1. The goal here is to establish a relationship rich in exchange and goodwill with your mentee. For example you can help them find their path, share your experience, advce and teachings with them.

 2. Mentees can be in demand for feedback about their pirch, their CV. They can have questions about recruitment processes. And surely, they will be keen to know more about how you build your career and what was at stake.

 3.  It's up to both of you to define what shape the mentorship will take : messages, calls, meetings, Skype etc. So you can totally be a mentor from aborad.

 4. IThere is of course no reporting to do. your level of involvement is at your wish. But we are confident that if you become volunteer, it is to build a real bond with your mentee(s).

 If you have any question, you can send a mail to our Network Team

Thank you or your implication and see you soon in the network !