The Alumni of the Year 2023 were elected during the ESCP Alumni Summer Party held on the République site of the Paris Campus on June 9, 2023.

Corporate Category



Guillaume SENECLAUZE (ESCP 89), President of Monoprix and Naturalia FR, was elected Alumni of the Year 2023 in the Corporate category!



Entrepreneurs Category



Sophia ALJ (MiM 15) and Isamel BELHKAYAT (MiM 08), cofounder & COO and cofounder & COO of Chari, were elected Alumni of the Year 2023 in the Entrepreneurs category! 



For Good Category



Amélie DUMONT (MiM 04), Chief Revenue & Impact Officer of Phénix, was elected Alumni of the Year 2023 in the For Good category!



The Alumni of the Year election has been organized every year since 2006 by ESCP Alumni.

The main selection criteria are:

  • To be an Alumnus who has recently demonstrated visible achievement in his career: a CEO, president or founder of a successful company, the initiator of a project that changes the world.

  • To be open to the world
  • Young minded
  • and ready to be the ambassador of ESCP Alumni for 1 year

The elections are held in a single round. The Network Commitee preselect profiles based on the above criteria and submit this short list to the whole 80.000 alumni community. The profiles with more votes are elected Alumni of the Year.


The winners of previous elections are:

 - 2022 :

  • Corportate category: Annabelle AZOULAY (ESCP 00), Director of the Private Bank J.P. Morgan France
  • Entrepreneurs category: William DRUMAIN (MiM 11) & Gaurav GOEL (MiM 08), cofounders of StayTouch
  • For Good category: Philippe DU PAYRAT (MiM 12), Executive Director of
  • Unicorn category: Nicolas D'AUDIFFRET (ESCP 03), cofounder of Ankorstore

- 2021 :

  • Corportate category: Laetitia TOUPET (ESCP 98), Global Brand President de La Roche Posay
  • Entrepreneurs category: Aline FOULET (ESCP 01), Founder & President of Akane
  • For Good category: Marine MANDRILLA, President of Refugee Food, and Louis MARTIN, Dorector of Food Sweet Food

- 2019 : Soazig BARTHELEMY (MiM 14), founder & director of Empow'Her
- 2018 : Julien SYLVAIN (MiM 10), founder and CEO of Tediber
- 2017 : Nathalie BALLA (ESCP 89), co-owner et co-president of La Redoute
- 2015 : 
Augustin PALLUEL-MARMONT (EAP 99), cofondateur de Michel et Augustin
- 2014 : Stéphane DISTINGUIN (ESCP 97), founder & CEO FABER NOVEL
- 2013 : Fany PECHIODAT (EAP BE 03), Director of MyLittleParis
- 2012 : Catherine BARBA (ESCP 96), CEO of Digital Commerce Factory
- 2011 : Clémentine RAISIN-HAUVESPRE (MiM 04), Head of Marketing & PR, The Organic Pharmacy
- 2010 : Lindsey NEFESH-CLARKE (MBA 09), Founder & CEO, Woman's Worldwide Web
- 2009 : Sébastien de MONTESSUS (ESCP 00), Executive Vice-President, Mining Business Group, Areva

- 2008 : Guillaume de MONPLANET (ESCP 98), Marketing Director Reebok France
- 2007 : Etienne THOBOIS (ESCP 94), Managing Director, GIP Rugby World Cup 2007

- 2006 : Emmanuel BABEAU (ESCP 89), Group Deputy Managing Director, Finance, Pernod-Ricard