The Association has more than 250 events a year thanks to the actions carried out by our delegates throughout the year. This involvement contributes to the influence of our community and also demonstrates the strength of our network.

To thank them for their commitment, the Association invites them each year to an exceptional evening.
This is an opportunity to look back on the highlights of the year, to discuss new projects together and to be updated on developments at the School and the Foundation.

The Delegates' Electoral College:

Each year, in line with articles 10-13 of the Association’s internal regulations, the Delegates’ Electoral College vote by secret ballot to establish their preferred list of candidates to recommend to join the Board, depending on the number of positions that are available.  The list is then voted by members at the General Assembly, which is traditionally held in June.
If the final number recommended exceeds the number of places available, the preferred list is completed by the general list.
The Delegates’ Electoral College comprises former Chairmen of the Association, current Board members, Committee members and the Delegates of all the association’s international and special interest groups (article 12).

Online voting:

Members of the electoral college who are unable to attend the evening meeting can vote online on during the days before the event. The Board will determine the voting period and inform participants in advance.

  • Each voter may choose as many candidates as there are Board positions available, with one vote per candidate (same process as during the event).
  • Each voter may only vote once online and no amendments will be allowed
  • Online voters will not be eligible to vote during the event
  • Blank votes will not be valid
  • Results will only be communicated after the voting at the end of the event
  • The Board will name members, former Presidents or experts to act as observers to ensure the ballot is conducted correctly and will be present to answer questions on the process.

Presentation of the candidates:

  • Each candidate is required to send to the Association’s Executive Director a word document  with his/her personal manifesto, including his/her reasons for applying to join the Board, what he/she hopes to offer to the community etc.  This will be published on the website for the online voters and the candidate will present it to the Electoral College. The manifesto is limited to a maximum length of 4000 characters, including spaces (about a page).
  • The manifesto should be written, in both French and English (the candidate will be required to arrange the translation) – the French version will precede the English one, which will be indicated at the top of the document.
  • Each candidate will be listed on the website for online voting with or without a manifesto.
  • The Executive Director will upload manifestoes.
  • Candidates will be listed in ascending alphabetic order of last names
  • Job title, company details etc. presented will be those in the ESCP directory (online version), as well as the photo and personal details.
  • Once voting opens, the candidates will not be able to edit their manifestoes in any way