With more than 80 000 alumni in the world, ESCP Alumni is a strong and powerful network.
To animate this community we always need new Groups Delegates. 
Check our International Delegate Kit:
Become a Group Delegate means to be the ambassador of the Association and of its values: 
  • Know our role: 
    • The missions and the organisation of the Association
    • Promote the key services of the Association and add more value to membership of alumni
  • Lead by example:
    • Be updated in your membership fee
    • Update your contact details and picture on the website
    • Identify and to coach your successor
  • Animate:
    • Become the speaker of the Association in your Group
    • Organise events for your Group (between 2 and 12/year)
  • Communicate:
    • Help alumni to network and get in touch with the good interlocutor
    • Share the « best practices » with the members of your Group.
  • Represent our brand:
    • Become the ambassador of our values
    • Recruit new contributing members
You want to be a delegate?
  • For an existing group: you must contact the lead delegate officially assigned to the group and work out areas in which you can help and work within the group, or contact the networking team.
  • For a new group: if you would like to create a new group, please contact the networking team who will discuss the idea with you. Your proposal will then be put to the Networking Commission and they will approve (or not) the creation of the new group.  The criteria your proposal will have to satisfy include:
    • There is an existing gap in the current group offer that your suggestion fills
    • The group will serve a real need for a target of at least 300 people
    • You have a team in place ready to get involved on your side in bringing the group to life
    • Your objectives are clear
    • You have a rough event plan in mind for a period of at least 6 months
  • Year group delegate: you will be elected for life at the time of graduation and will be in charge of organizing class reunions and make sure the links between your classmates stay strong. If, however, a delegate does not wish to continue in the role at some point, then they should choose a successor, in agreement with others in the group, and formally inform the networking team who will arrange for the change to be made and inform others in that graduating-year group.