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Véronique Saubot (ESCP 88), Talented Woman of ESCP !

08 November 2023
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Talented Women of ESCP' spotlights inspiring alumnae who are experts in their fields. This month, we meet Véronique Saubot (ESCP 88), CEO of Simplon.co!

What is your area of expertise?

I don't really have an area of expertise, I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and quite a generalist. I'm also very active. I began in finance and then turned to team and project management.

And what brought you to this path?

Above all, I'm curious about everything. This has taken me along the different paths that characterize my career: 

First of all, a highly structured work environment (Andersen, Valeo) taught me quite simply how to work (giving meaning to what you do - keeping a free spirit, a sense of excellence in execution, the importance of teams and management). This kind of company provides tools and methods... I don't regret it and I've worked very hard there. I consciously chose this first experience, telling myself that I had to train after school. Of course, the school gave me the basics, but I really needed a professional experience.
Then I founded my own company, wanting to explore other, more commercial and entrepreneurial directions. During this period, I was lucky enough to meet many talented entrepreneurs and business creators. I was thrilled to work with them!
And finally, thanks to a number of encounters, in particular with ESCP Alumni, around the age of 40 I became involved in the world of the Social and Solidarity Economy, with the desire to give back.

What is your best memory at ESCP?

I loved everything at ESCP: from my first roommate (who became a very close friend), my classes and the teachers, my travels (I took a 6-month sabbatical after school to travel in South America and Asia with classmates), parties, the Student Bureau (BDE) and my entire class, which is incredibly loyal, many years later. Many of my friends from ESCP are very close friends today.

I also really enjoyed my first meeting with the CEO of my first company, who was an alumnus of the school and came to recruit on campus. I got in and spent a few years there. Ironically, I met him again a few years later on a board of directors, and we shared the board for a while.

What does success mean to you?

It's a way of achieving fulfillment and self-completion. It's not just a professional prism, it's a whole. It's what we leave our children in terms of values and commitment. Success is also all the mistakes and failures you've been able to bounce back from. I've been very lucky in all my professional and personal projects, with the support of my family and wonderful children. 

What advice would you like to give to your readers today that you would have liked to have received when you were a student or at the start of your career?

I don't regret at all my 200% professional commitment for the first 10 years of my career, it taught me everything and I was later able to exploit this learning by stepping back a little. It's a bit contrary to what I observe and hear about the wishes of new generations. But I think it's what has enabled me to preserve a certain freedom in the long term, and to enjoy myself to this day.


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