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Paris, capital of universalism in 2024

29 May 2024
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Paris in love

As Paris prepares to shine during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it's time to revive the reputation of the French capital and leave any gloominess behind. Despite the construction and heavy traffic, far from the "Emily in Paris" clichés, Paris remains a captivating and enchanting city that continually reinvents itself, attracting talent from around the globe. As Alumni, we take pride in contributing to this excitement. In this issue, we've chosen to share with you those who work to enhance its allure, make it more welcoming, and ensure it's a delightful place to live. Whether they're French or not, they reveal what makes Paris so special to them, amidst its charms, challenges, and unique energy.

🥐 The big interview: Martin Ajdari (ESCP 89), Rand Gerges-Yammine, professor at ESCP, Sarah Sanders (MiM 22) and Craig Witmer (MiM 22) talk about their fascination with the French capital.
💻 Meet Marc Lesage-Moretti (MiM 16), former vice-president at Goldman Sachs and now youtuber, who decided to drop everything to embark on the great adventure of video games and the creator economy under the pseudonym Jokariz.
🩺 Emeline Hahn (MS 14) breaks the taboos around women's health with Fizimed, to provide women with solutions designed for their comfort and well-being.


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