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Francis C. LANG-AMIOT (54), Alumnus of the Month !

06 December 2019
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Grateful for what ESCP has brought to him, Francis has just committed to give € 1 million to finance the development of the school!



It is a magnificent and generous gift that this alumnus offers to the school for his Bicentennial: recognizing what ESCP has brought him, Francis C. Lang-Amiot (54) has committed to give € 1 million to finance the international development and strategy of our school. He is the first graduate to make such a donation, we all hope others will follow his example!
After his diploma ESCP obtained in 1954, Francis pursued with doctorate in Economics in Germany and a MBA at the Harvard Business School. He then worked in London for the most prestigious firms in international finance: Lehman Brothers, Rockefeller Brothers & Samuel Hill.

A heartfelt gratitude to him and a great example for us all!


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