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Magali Payen (09), Talented Woman of ESCP!

08 September 2022
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With 'Talented Women of ESCP', we're shedding light on inspiring Alumna who are experts in their field. This month, meet Magali Payen (09), Managinf Director of Newtopia and founder of OnEstPrêt and Imagine 2050.

What is your area of expertise?

What has driven me for several years is to contribute to accelerating the metamorphosis of the world, particularly through imagination. So I have a double ambition: on the one hand, to inform, raise awareness and mobilize on the major current environmental and societal issues. This is how the On est Prêt movement was born in 2018, which brings together experts, actors in the field and artists in the service of causes that are dear to me, such as the preservation of biodiversity. On the other hand, to promote new narratives, in the service of a more desirable future. This is what led me to create Imagine 2050, also in 2018, to advise and support cultural leaders and the media in this essential paradigm shift.

And what took you on this path?

My graduation thesis was devoted to the socially engaged cinema. But it also was meetings, films, questions that accelerated my awareness. In order not to remain in amazement or bewilderment that eco-anxiety can cause, I have found only one possible way: action! Working on a daily basis to bring about a world that is fairer and more respectful of living things, what better job than that?

What is your best memory at ESCP?

The courses on Spanish cinema by Mr. Jimenez!

To you, what does 'success' mean?

Although I graduated from a business school, I do not believe in these external signs that our time wanted us to wear as the indisputable markers of success! More than status, wealth or notoriety, what comes closest to my vision of success is undoubtedly the notion of coherence, of alignment, with one's values ??and convictions, coupled with a positive contribution to the great challenges of our society.

Do you have something that we haven't mentioned that you would like to share with our ESCP Alumni Community?

We are living and will live through major global upheavals. I want to to tell these young people that more than any other generation before, it is up to them to create, to dream, to invent, to dare. Our founding myths have fizzled out, it's time for irreverence, imagination, audacity to build a future that makes sense for humans and living things.

Perhaps you would like to discuss what made you want to launch Newtopia?

Far from alarmist speeches and the darkest projections, to make every citizen want to mobilize, we must give them a view of a desirable future. This is Newtopia's raison d'être. Alongside Cyril Dion and Marion Cotillard, I founded this impact production company to highlight new imaginations and thus bring to life, through images and stories, the world of tomorrow.

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