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Joséphine Bouchez (14), Talented Woman of ESCP !

09 May 2022
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Discover the latest 'Talented Women of ESCP', a series of mini portraits and interviews of inspiring Alumna who are experts in their field. This month, meet Joséphine Bouchez (14), co-founder of Ticket For Change !

What is your area of expertise? And what took you on this path?

In 2014, I had not yet graduated from ESCP but I already had co-founded Ticket for Change, a social enterprise that trains and supports individuals who want to build a career with a positive impact. We support entrepreneurs in their first steps, but also students, people in retraining, or employees of large companies, to put social and environmental issues at the heart of their careers and their jobs. Ticket for Change is also a movement that wants to transform the education, training and guidance systems to make these professions useful for society and the planet, accessible and desirable! We have reached nearly 120,000 people to date. For 8 years, I have developed expertise in entrepreneurship and social innovation, educational engineering and impact measurement, hybrid economic models, as well as scaling up strategies.

What is your best memory at ESCP?

There are plenty... and they all involve something outside the classrooms :) The most memorable thing is undoubtedly the creation of an association: the Star Trekk' ESCP Europe. We wanted to make students aware of the environmental cause through mountain sports and the organization of a trek open to all. The first edition with a hundred participants was extraordinary! It was the discovery of entrepreneurship without knowing it: sharing a vision, uniting and managing a team, convincing partners, raising funds, promoting the brand... The association still exists today, it celebrated its 10th anniversary, and tickets are now selling out in just a few hours!


To you, what does 'success' mean?

For me, success is devoting your time and energy to what is essential to you, both in your personal and professional life. It's about being aligned between who you are and what you do on a daily basis. In my opinion, it is contributing to building a fairer, more equitable society, more respectful of the planet and which I will be proud to bequeath to future generations. There is work to do! It's also being able to do all of this while being in good shape, enjoying my family and friends, and living in material conditions that allow me to do what I love the most. A big challenge ;) This is a fundamental question, everyone should take the time to answer it. This is a key idea of ??the Manifesto that I co-wrote with my co-founder Matthieu Dardaillon (ESCP 2014) "What do you do for a living? Your work can make a difference for society and the planet".


Do you have something that we haven't mentioned that you would like to share with our ESCP Alumni Community?

As an ESCP Alumna, because we have a reputed degree and because most of us are in a leadership position, I think we have a particular responsibility to ask ourselves the question of the consequences of our work. Is it part of the problem or part of the solution? Are we actively contributing to building the society in which we aspire to live? We will spend an average of 80,000 hours in our life working, it's an incredible lever to change things! Yes, it is possible to reconcile career and social usefulness, material security and search for meaning, work and fulfillment! I see hundreds of examples of this every day with Ticket for Change, and I would love for the Alumni of the ESCP community to be inspired in turn by these models!

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