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Women, men: All equal in the office?

06 June 2023
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Women in management: myth or reality?

👩 Does management for women exist? A debate with Alyxe LOFFICIAL (ESCP 99), Amandine DE SOUZA (MiM 04), Ines DE NAVARRO DE ROUX (MiM 09), Patricia DELON (ESCP 87), Thomas DAVID and Véronique TRAN
🎤 The experiences of Geneviève CAUSSE-BROQUET, first woman professor at ESCP, and Joëlle LE VOURCH (ESCP 73), first ESCP student, will not have been in vain
💼 Elodie ANDRIOT (MS 19) tells us about her encounters with those who became bosses to trigger vocations

To produce the issue you're holding in your hands, we've done a lot of listening, discussing and dialoguing. Rarely has a theme in our magazine given rise to so much debate. But we feel we can (should?) make our contribution to the debate.

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