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Julie Joly (MS 98), Alumna of the Month!

06 April 2022
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This month we spotlight the new Executive Director of French newspaper L'Obs!

As a true media expert and a hardened journalist, Julie Joly (MS 98) has just taken over the reins of the General Management of the weekly French newspaper "L'Obs". Her mission is to strengthen the place of the magazine in the French press ecosytem, both anchored in its history and turned towards modernity, by continuing to play an essential role in all the topical debates. In 1998, she realized her vocation as a journalist at ESCP: after graduating with the MS Média, she became a permanent correspondent in Frankfurt for La Tribune. She then joined L'Express, where she became Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Society department.
Convinced that it is an opportunity to work in the field of her choice and thus be able to open up to the world, she took over in 2012 the head of the CFJ (Training School for Journalists) for 9 years before founding the W School, a digital content production school, with the aim of training the younger generations to work in the press of tomorrow.

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