A key to succeed in your career-path is to be visible and to cultivate a long-lasting network of professional relations. Networking is a powerful tool to exchange, to learn, to help search other out, to have a fresh outlook on your career-path, to increase your visibility or to find new business opportunities.

Give yourself the means to succeed and develop a "networking attitude" over the course of your professional life!

By joining ESCP Alumni, you will belong to a community of more than 50,000 graduates. We will help you to interact with the members of this international network. Our vast offer of workshops, conferences, networking events and professional groups will allow you to find your own approach!

Develop your networking strategy
Develop your visibility on social networks


Trouver le bon job grâce au réseau

Cette conférence vous aidera à identifier les dix facteurs clés qui vous permettront d'utiliser le
réseau avec succès. Pour vous y inscrire, retrouvez cette
conférence sur notre agenda.

LinkedIn Profile review

Via a telephone or skype interview, a LinkedIn expert will provide you with the keys to build an effective and impactful professional visibiliy. To benefit from this service, please contact the career team,  +33 (0)1 48 05 46 27

Activer le réseau ESCP

Cette conférence vous aidera à développer de nouveaux contacts
au sein de la communauté ESCP. To register, look for this conference in our online calendar.

Booster votre recherche d'emploi avec Twitter

Cette conférence vous aidera à utiliser Twitter dans le cadre de votre recherche d'emploi, et ce en partant de zéro. To register, look for this conference in our online calendar.

Join an ESCP Alumni group

In order to ease interaction between members, our community is divided in more than 200 groups: Professional, French Regional, International, Graduation Year, Corporate and Social. We invite you to join the groups of your choice and contact the Delegates who will be happy to inform you of the group's activities and events.



Comment les recruteurs vous identifient sur les réseaux sociaux

Ce webinar vous fournira des clés pour comprendre les réseaux sociaux et les utiliser pour faire avancer votre carrière. To register, look for thoi webinar in our online calendar.


To help you effectively manage your job search and all your leads and interactions, you can benefit from the information and interactions of, subscribe to the Jobfinder.fr platform at a reduced rate fee, espacially negociated for our members. Please note, Jobfinder is only available in French.

ESCP Alumni LinkedIn group

In order to always stay in touch, we created the ESCP Alumni LinkedIn Group. 29,000 members, from diverse backgrounds, who share posts, comments on their career-paths, projects ambitions and career opportunities.