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Focus on Industry 4.0 and future leadership - ESCP Europe London

05 février 2018
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Week's outstanding "Tech Days - Leadership 4.0" event.

Dear Alumni, 

On the 31st and 1st of February, the London campus hosted a 2-day "Tech Days - Leadership 4.0" event.  We welcomed an excess of 200 guests and within our audience, panels and discussion groups, we have been able to work with senior figures and CEOs from such organisations as Lectra, Eurostar, Hyundai, Comau and All Saints (further information below).

The aim of this event was to gather relevant industry leaders within the Industry 4.0, digital transformation and automation space and have an informative discussion on the Industrial Revolution, AI, Robotics and Digital Disruptions. ESCP Europe is investing heavily in both Digital Transformation topics and Automation with programmes such as our Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA) at the London campus with a current cohort of 30 senior professionals. In partnership with Lectra and Comau, our event was highly successful and the networking opportunity palpable. Our faculty also had centre stage when discussing these topics among them we include Prof. Valerie Moatti, Prof. Terence Tse, Prof. Giovanni Scaro-Borioli, Prof. Hsin Huang (Meg) Lee and Prof. Marie Talliard. 

Such initiatives go to the heart of what we are trying to do here and are perfect demonstration of the power of team work and cross campus collaboration at ESCP Europe.  It was a particular pleasure to add an inter-campus dimension and to work with Valerie Moatti and Lectra on Day One.  


For both days, we had great Social Media presence with our Facebook Live events a particular success: 


Day 1 - Lectra Chair FB Live

Day 2- Leadership 4.0 FB Live

10,580 people reached

5,815 People reached

1,110 Videos viewed

513 Video views

92 reactions, comments and shares

81 reactions, comments and shares


The Lectra Chair Conference in London was relayed on the school campus in Paris by the group Mode.Escp Europe.


We hope to welcome you all to be part of next year's edition, having a strong ESCP Europe community join us, will not only offer you another perspective as to what we are doing as your alma mater but also offer you the opportunity to expand your network in this relevant topic. 


Further Information on our guests and panellists: 


Company representation (Panelists)

Lectra, BCG, HAT, Fernbrook Partners, Farfecth, All Saints, Holition, Comau, Siemens, Eurostar, Amazon and Hyundai


Company Representation (Guests)

Burberry, Ted Baker, Temperley London, Bloomberg, Wipro Limited, Comau, Amazon, Google, Avasant and Yahoo, just to name a few!