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Individual Interviews

There are 4 types of interviews included in your membership that allow you to be guided in your first job research (not internship research):


Career  Coaching

Face-to-face, by phone or via skype, in French, English, Italian, German.
You want to anticipate your career’s next step and explore job opportunities, evaluate your current situation, build a job search strategy? Come register for one-to-one career coaching!

LinkedIn Profile Check

By phone or via skype, in French and English.
You wish to improve your LinkedIn profile? During a 45 to 60 minutes telephone interview a LinkedIn expert will provide you the keys to build an effective and impactful professional visibility. To qualify, your LinkedIn profile must be already complete and you have clearly defined your positioning on the job market [service offerings, function (s) objective (s),...]. The LinkedIn check is offered once a year.

 International Mobility Service

By phone or via skype, in French and English.
This new career guidance-phone interview will help you in one of the three keys steps of your international mobility project : 1) In preparation, to validate the reasons why you want to move abroad and the information needed to optimise your project 2/ your integration in the new place 3) the questions relatives to the return home

Mock Recruitment Interview

Face-to-face, by phone or via skype, in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German.
You are about to have a job interview within your current employer or with a head hunter, and you wish to prepare for it? This service offers you a one hour job interview simulation, followed by feedback during half an hour, with a professional recruiter or with a professional. This service is offered once a year.

To register to these services
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 Finance Manager in Asia

  European Sales Manager - Leisure industry - France


"I found the Career services were very useful for me. I first contacted them a few years ago, when I was considering my next career move, after almost 4 years in the same position as expatriate in Asia.



The Career team gave me the chance to meet a professional of the ESCP family, who was challenging me with the right questions on just about every thing. It was important to me that it was someone of the ESCP family, because you are immediately on the right wave length, and that helps to get the right questions. We met a couple of times during business trips in Paris, and exchanged remotely by mail and skype for the rest.



With the time difference between Europe and Asia, I could conveniently set telephone calls at night back home, which was working time in Paris. At the end of the day, I got promoted faster than I expected, so I did not leave my company. But I completed my assessment review with the team, which was a great help to go through the paradigm shift from the traditional job seeker, to a sort of "life builder" set of mind, if I may phrase it this way.

It takes time, because you don't go through a paradigm shift overnight, because you need time to think every item through and get prepared for your next steps. But it is worth the investment".



Back in December 2010 I was unexpectedly laid off by my new employer in the trial period. I took this opportunity to really get to know the Career team.

I quickly met with one consultant who first helped me to get rid of all the pain, sadness and resentment I was feeling at that time. Then, the consultant gave me tips to improve my CV and my way of introducing my skills and experience to recruiters.

She also oriented me towards specific workshops to better perform at job interviews. Thanks to the “mock interview” service, I have met brilliant, empathetic and wonderful Alumni who really helped me gain back my self esteem and self confidence, in order to strongly believe in my experience, achievements and unique abilities.

Thanks to this accumulated positive energy boost, I quickly found a new position that met my expectations and ambition. I am not only very grateful to the Career team, but I am also convinced of its permanent value to obtain meaningful insights about any critical professional situation I will face in the future. I intend to go back soon to prepare for a strategic interview with a member of the board of directors of the company I have just joined.

If you are seeking to overcome a professional challenge (most probably with related personal issues) and if you are willing to work hard and to carefully listen to friendly experts with extensive experience, then the Career department is THE place to be...and to stay!

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