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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Developpment Committee gathers Alumni from different courses, professional and personnal backgrounds, to:

  • pool their experiences and reflect on issues related to employment and career management, implement actions to provide practical solutions to these issues.

The Committee has several projects Career dealing with:

  • Communication of our offer to promote our services to the whole community,
  • Strengthening of our offer's international coverage,
  • Evolution of our offer in the frame of life long membership implementation
  • Organisation of prestigious conferences on career development and career management topics.


Besides the Professional Development Team, the Communication Manager and the Executive Director of ESCP  Alumni, the members of the Professionl Development Committee 2020 are:


Co-chairwoman and co-chairman:

  • Eva Rogow (Exe.MBA 2018)
  • Sylvain Dorget (2001)



  • Yoann Allain (Exe.MS18)
  • Monique Cumin (1988)
  • Christel Dufrasne-Balsacq (MS2001)
  • Mireille Garolla (1987)
  • Valérie Manelfe (1994)
  • Romain Rabier (2006)
  • Béatrice Rivas-Siedel (MS1994)
  • Marie-Laure Vaganay (1997)


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