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Why becoming a member of ESCP Alumni?

As an ESCP graduate, you belong to this brotherly, international and rich community of 55,000 contacts. Worldwide, ESCP Alumni supports its members in boosting their career and developing their network. We offer you professional services in several languages and remotely, as well as physical or digital links to stay connected and share your experience and expertise. Europe and the world are your playing ground.

We contribute to the promotion of this brand that we all embody and feel pride in. We need your commitment to further develop the prestige and the continuity of our degree. Every membership is important, every donation is valuable!

Becoming a member also means supporting the daily actions of our 700 delegates and experts that animate ESCP network, coordinate over 200 thematic groups and organize 250 events per year in more than 150 countries! As much as opportunities to multiply professional or friendly contacts and enhance your network.

We hope that we can count on your support to ESCP Alumni!


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