Clearly define your desire and expectations is a key to succeed in your move.

Define your news expectations, identify your personal and professional resources, concretely lay the fondation of your project are the steps to follow in order to get the new attractive job or to ensure your career move.

Give yourself the means chances to succeed by developing your own winning strategy!

International Mobility Service

By phone or via skype, in French and English.
This new career guidance-phone interview will help you in one of the three keys steps of your international mobility project : 1) In preparation, to validate the reasons why you want to move abroad and the information needed to optimise your project 2/ your integration in the new place 3) the questions relatives to the return home


The AVARAP Method

The AVARAP Method is an original and structured method based on group dynamics and creativity proposed to executive with at least five years of professional experience. Click HERE for more information.


Cap Avenir : du projet à sa mise en oeuvre

Du Concentré d'expertise et accélérateur de réussite, ce programme qui réunit 12 experts sur 12 thématiques-clé de la recherche d'emploi vous amènera vers votre destination future. Pour le découvrir, cliquez ICI.


Le management de transition : une opportunité pour managers et dirigeants expérimentés - Spécial 45 ans et +

Ce webinar, réservé aux 45 ans et +, vous permettra de découvrir le métier, ses contours et les qualités du manager de transition. To register, look for this webinar in our online calendar.