The Professional Development Committee gathers Alumni from different courses, professional and personnal backgrounds.

  • pool their experiences and reflect on issues related to employment and career management, implement actions to provide practical solutions to these issues.

The Committee has several projects Career around:

  • Creation of an offer giving greater visibility on LinkedIn,
  • Improvement of the marketing of our offer in order to better communicate on our services to the whole community,
  • Strengthening of our offer's international dimension,
  • Scaling of the new offer "Accelerate your career development with the mentoring programme" in order to increase the number of benefactors,
  • Contribution to the Student Alumni Pass to increase their loyalty towards the association since the start of their career,
  •  Organization of prestigious conferences on career development and career management topics.

Members of the Professional Development Committee 2018:

  • Co-Chairman, Sylvain DORGET (2001)
  • Co-Chairman, Maxence BOUBEE (BSc 20)

and the Professional Development Team, the Communication Manager and the Executive Director of ESCP Alumni.