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As a member of the Alumni association, you have access to a wide range of job offers advertised by ESCP Europe Alumni through the new platform. is the newly launched job portal which brings together Alumni associations from 22 major international engineering and business schools including Polytechnique (AX), Centrale Paris, HEC, ENSAE, Ecole Lausanne / Zurich, Supélec ESCP Insead, Essec, LSE, Harvard Business School, Bocconi, etc. It is a tremendous opportunity to access more than 30 000 highly selected job positions, which are pooled and distributed to all alumni. You may also publish your resumé in a CV board, accessible to a wide selection of recruiters and head hunters.
Through your WATs4U profile page, you will also access to GoinGlobal, an online database especially designed for international job seekers and gathering country career guides, global key employer directory and a job search engine.

If you have any further questions about the operation of these services, please contact the Association.

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