Why becoming a ESCP Alumni member ?

As ESCP graduates, you belong to a large, diverse and supportive community gathering 70,000 contacts. Around the world, ESCP Alumni allows its members to be supported to boost their careers and develop their network. We offer you professional services and physical or digital links to stay connected and share your experiences and expertise. Europe and the world are your playground.
We also contribute to the influence of this brand that we all embody and which we are proud of. We need your commitment at our side to further develop the power and sustainability of our diplomas. Every membership is important, every donation has value!

Becoming a member is also supporting the daily action of the 700 delegates and experts who run the ESCP Network, coordinate 200 professional groups, promotions, geographic, social and organize 250 events per year in more than 150 countries! As much opportunity to multiply professional or friendly contacts and to enrich its Network.

Why choosing a ESCP Lifetime Membership ?

From 2020, you have the choice between an annual membership or a lifetime membership!
With the lifetime membership, pay once and benefit from our new services forever.


  • Making the big leap and becoming a lifetime contributor is above all a practical matter, it is the best way to no longer worry about paying your fees every year and over with the multiple (but necessary) follow-up emails from the Association

  • It is also a way to get involved in your community and to contribute to the development of the association: with these new resources, we are able to offer you new, more targeted services to support each of you whatever your professional stage and especially whatever your geographic location.

  • Finnaly, it is a way of supporting the very ambitious development plan of ESCP which will bring together since 2021 nearly 8000 students on 6 campuses in Europe, students who come from all over the world and then, like all of us, be carried out on 5 continents.


Benefit from our new services, all life long: