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What if you became a Class Delegate ?

You wish to get involved into your class life ? You are yet to be graduated ?

A new era begins for you, your future is in sight but it does not mean that the ESCP adventure is over ! You are a member of this wide communty of graduates and these relations are essential for your career.

If you believe in it, if you want to continue to promote exchanges into your promotion, become an ESCP Alumni Class Delegate ! It is an useful and rewarding way to stay involved in your promotion's life ! The objective is to inforce long term links and to maintain everything you have built during your time at the School.

Being a Class Delegates, is a long term engagment :

  • Organize your Class key anniversaries : +5 years, +10 years
  • Participate to ESCP Alumni life and be an Ambassador
  • Maintain the pride of belonging to ESCP within your Class

If you wish to learn more on the role of being ambassador and reference of your Class, please contact our team or by phone at +33 (01).

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