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Why join ?

Why becoming an ESCP Alumni member?

As an ESCP Student, you integrate a brotherly, international and rich network of 50,000 Alumni. Worldwide, ESCP Alumni supports its members from the definition of their professional goals to its revaluation, the Association also boosts your career and develops your network. We offer you professional services in several languages and remotely, as well as physical or digital links to stay connected and share your experience and expertise. Europe and the World are your playing fields.

Joining ESCP Alumni is showing your sense of belonging to the ESCP Community and show solidarity towards the members. Becoming a member is also supporting the daily activities of the 700 delegates and experts that animate ESCP Network, coordinate 200 professional, class, international groups and organize 250 events per year in more than 150 countries!

As many occasions to multiply professional or personnal contacts and to enrich your network.

Becoming an ESCP member is also to benefit from a personalized carreer coaching:


Create your network !

Join a 50,000-strong global Alumni network and contact any Alumnus through the Directory

Participate in any of the 250 events organised each year

 Join our "Alumnight", the afterwork events to meet new contacts

 Join the 22,000 ESCP Alumni community on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter


Boost your job search ! 

Get an experienced Alumni as your personal mentor to help define your professional path

 Join our "BootCamps" to learn everything you need to know about a sector and practice mock interviews

  Improve your pitch and visibility in one-to-one coaching sessions

Access to more than 30,000 job offers



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