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Why become a lifelong member?

Great news, to begin its third century of existence, our association innovates and changes economic model. The ESCP Alumni Association offers you a new bouquet of services and become a contributor once and for all, and therefore forever.

Take advantage of all the services we have imagined for you, without limit.

Why choosing a ESCP Inclusive Lifetime Membership ?

  • Making the big leap and becoming a lifetime contributor is above all a practical matter, it is the best way to no longer worry about paying your fees every year and to avoid the Association having to call you back every year.

  • It is also a way to get involved in your community and to contribute to the development of the association: with these new resources, we will be able to offer you new, more targeted services to support each of you whatever your professional stage and especially whatever your geographic location.

  • Finnaly, it is a way of supporting the very ambitious development plan of ESCP which will bring together by 2021 nearly 8000 students on 6 campuses in Europe, students who come from all over the world and then, like all of us, be carried out on 5 continents.


Benefit from our new services, all life long:


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