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Nicola Allieta (10), Alumnus of the Month !
The producer of Netflix's first original Italian documentary series "SanPa" is in the spotlight this month!
26 February 2021


Nicola Allieta (10)

An alumnus behind Netflix's first Italian original documentary series: "SanPa" tells the story of a giant rehab community, created by a farmer with controversial methods in the 1970s. Italian producer Nicola Allieta (10 ) is the one who made this success possible . Yet, it was in France that he began his career with Studio Canal in Paris, then in the distribution of films, documentaries and television series on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix platforms. The key to producing a film or series is understanding which themes are interesting and likely to generate interest in the audience, as well as finding funds. Mission accomplished for the SanPa project which convinced Netflix and meet its audience!

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