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Solidarity on the Line
An alumnus/a, a call, a few minutes which can mean a lot for our students who are suffering from the current situation. The idea of ​​Saloidarity on the Line: mobilize our alumni for a phonecall discussion with our students to let them know that we are listening, guide them if they need to, Bring the community together and show the strength of ESCP network.
29 January 2021
Dear Alumni, 
"It's not easy to be 20 in 2020".

Caught up in this uncertain period for which no one was prepared, students are today among the ones who suffer the most living our current situation. Their freshness, dreams and projects are being undermined.
While we have been able to develop free services for our ESCP students (mentorship, webconferences, online networking events, round tables with young graduates, etc.), today we feel it is necessary to go further. We want to maintain the bond with them and let them know that behind the name of their school and its network, there are real people, concerned about their well-being and their success.  
That' s why we decided to launch the operation SOLIDARITY ON THE LINE.
The idea: An Alumni takes a few minutes out of their personal time to call a student on the phone (on a weekday evening, on the weekend). 
The message to be conveyed: To keep in touch on ESCP Alumni's behalf. Let them know that we remain at their disposal if they need us and redirect them to us if you feel that further support is needed.
Our goal: To bring the community together and show the strength of the ESCP network.
*Please note that this is an ephemeral operation and we will not ask you to follow up. One call will be enough.  We only want your call to remind our students that we are available and at their side when they need us. Of course, there will be guidelines available to help you get the right speech and ask the right questions.
Today, we invite you to show our students that those who were in their shoes, a few years back, know how to mobilise for them.
As delegates, we are relying on you to lead by example. Do not hesitate to share the information around you - a post is published on LinkedIn - (WhatsApp class groups, LinkedIn groups etc.) so that we can mobilise as many ESCP alumni as possible.
If you are interested in this operation, please contact us by sending us an email on by February 3 at the latest so that we can count your participation in this project. We will get back to you very soon to prepare the next step!
Best regards,
Eva Mollat du Jourdin (MSC 98), 
ESCP Alumni Executive Director.

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