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Patricia Delon (87), Alumna of the Month!
This month, we spotlight the new CEO of RATP Travel Retail.
05 June 2020

Patricia Delon (87)


After 11 years at the head of the RATP marketing and commercial department and on the management committee, the journey continues for Patricia Delon (87) who has just been appointed CEO of RATP Travel Retail, a subsidiary of which she was already a director. A new milestone in an already rich career that began in 1987 at Lesieur, then in 1989 at Henkel France and Dior as product manager, before continuing at La Française des Jeux where Patricia was marketing director, and at Club Internet in 2006 as marketing and sales director. This customer experience expert will be responsible for enhancing transport spaces through the integration of shops and station services. Concretely, she will have to manage and develop 550 commercial premises, 30,000m2 of commercial space and 2,100 vending machines.

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