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Grégoire de Tilly (97), Alumnus of the Month !
Their last professional achievement got them noticed; their extraordinary career makes them stand out; they are currently making the headlines; or they are full of talent, achievement and potential. This month, we spolight Grégoire de Tilly (97), Managing Drector of La Rcuhe Qui Dit Oui.
07 June 2019


Grégoire de TILLY (97)



Grégoire de Tilly (97) is since 2018 the new general manager of La Ruche Qui Dit Oui. Under his leadership, the company, pioneer of local food supply chain in France, intends to continue to grow while keeping its initial philosophy. A tailor-made mission for this serial entrepreneur. After debuting at Procter & Gamble and Bain & Cie, Grégoire founded and He then worked in a dairy LBO before being general manager of in Europe and in Africa.

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