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Laura Bedoucha (15), Talented Woman of ESCP!

08 March 2022
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On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are launching 'Talented Women of ESCP', a series of mini portraits and interview of inspiring Alumna who are experts in their field. To inaugurate this series, discover Laura Bedoucha (15), adviser to the Head of the IGGN!

What is your area of ​​expertise? And what took you on this path?

I am a lawyer by training, a former lawyer. I left the Paris Bar to join the Ministry of the Interior, having always had a strong attraction for everything related to sovereign issues and more particularly internal security. I'm carrying the functions of adviser to the Head of the General Inspector of the National Gendarmerie, that is not only a legal psotion, comparable to that of a special adviser where I measure every day the interest of the notions of marketing and strategy acquired at ESCP! Our institution is indeed in full openness to the outside world!

What is your best memory at ESCP?

Without hesitation, the foundation of the Shuffle ESCP association alongside my classmates Alexandre Audi and Rémy Lombard almost as soon as we joined ESCP at the start of the 2011 academic year. We had observed that the share of foreign students in particular within the Grande Ecole program was growing without any generalist international association existing at the school! The idea was to take over from the international partnerships department to facilitate the reception of foreign students but also to promote interactions with French students by organizing educational (but also festive!) events around internationality.

To you, what does 'success' mean?

After the baccalaureate, like many, I think I would have answered this question from the angle of social and material success alone. I started my career in a large international law firm (to please mom and dad), I was very well paid but I found no sense in what I was doing. One day I got tired of watching all the documentaries and reading everything that was written about the internal security forces and I decided to take the plunge. My wallet has taken a hit, of course, I don't necessarily work less and the issues are different, but I am PASSIONATE about what I do on a daily basis. Success for me means achieving fulfillment in what you do, no longer being in a perpetual quest for something else and having found a form of serenity. For the rest, I invite you to listen to the excellent “Gatemeri” podcast launched by N’Geur Sarr (ESCP alumni) which questions the meaning of success and offers very varied testimonies on this subject.

Do you have something that we haven't mentioned that you would like to share with our ESCP Alumni Community?

We have a very diverse alumni community, reflecting the diversity of programs offered by our school. Let's not forget what our elders did for us when we were students - I have very good memories of exchanges during alumnights - so even if our respective daily lives get in our way, let's invest ourselves in their favor! I will soon be offering to become a mentor, but there is a wide range of possibilities to contribute within ESCP Alumni for the benefit of the school's influence.

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