Historically the careers’ center has guided our Alumni through career changes. It has been the case for 60% of them. We have strengthened our offer with the Mentoring Programme, designed to assist Alumni in the acquisition of the managerial skills required to successfully attain increased responsibilities and professional growth by capitalizing on the experience and advice of our community members. This programme is a real career-booster for our alumni!

This program is aimed at professionals who are currently employed and does not apply to those who are looking for work. To qualify, Alumni must have 8-20 years of professional experience, and are planning to evolve to significantly greater responsibilities or they have just obtained a promotion to higher positions.

The criteria for becoming a mentor:

1.  It is necessary to have 5 to 10 years of experience more than the mentee (minimum 13 years of experience), to hold (or having held) a position of same level of responsibility as the one targeted by the mentee and to be motivated by the desire to share your experience and support other alumni to help them acquire the necessary managerial skills and exposure, to maximize the chances to reach their target position.
2.  Being an expert or comfortable with at least 3 of 8 professional development topics that we have identified: develop leadership, develop political sense or influential capacity, develop strategic vision, manage professional conflicts in a better way, take on international responsibilities, work with a SME manager, use networks in a better way, improve professional/personal life balance.
3. Complete the registration questionnaire found in your personal profile page on our website: www.escpalumni.org

This programme takes place over a period of about 6 months, with a minimum of 4 sessions during one to two hours, depending on the objectives agreed upon with the mentee. Mentoring sessions are conducted in English, French or Spanish, face to face or remotely (via telephone or skype).


  Feedback from mentees

    Feedback from mentors



"Throughout 2014, through the program" Accelerate your career with mentoring, "I have benefited from the great experience of an external mentor ESCP my business and my industry. I felt I was at a turning point in my career, I had around my job and I wanted to firmly prepare the next step.

My mentor gave me a fresh look and neutral in relation to the corporate culture in which I bathed. I enjoyed our exciting exchanges, where he always welcomed with kindness my questions and ideas.

It also allowed me to revisit the situations of difficulties that prove today rich in learning, and gave me valuable advice and experience sharing. Between our appointments, I led my action plan. This allowed me to develop new reflexes develop my presence on social networks, develop my internal network, working my political mapping and identify messages to convey to different target stakeholders and proper posture. "




"Careful listening exercise mentee allowed me to perceive what could be applicable to my own mistakes or my own successes. slowly but surely learning to project into a corporate cultural environment described or lived by the mentee. We learn to gauge the pertinence of the actions and the applicant's communications to check constantly if it usefully registered in a clear and real purpose. What a great field of reflection on its own goals and its own communication!

of course we learn to discover a company in its key figures, its people, its culture and that is all assets and valuable knowledge for the future in case of recruitment, teaching - even if professional rebound staff. Why not ? It is in what the US called reverse mentoring. It is also a rare opportunity to practice and test their own discipline. When you mentor someone, you must apply very precise and strict rules.This is the opposite of improvisation. These rules are not numerous, but they melt and guarantee success.


Finally, the contribution of mentoring is simply to find someone to find him pleasant point - or not - to seek its mysteries and this is probably the last corner of adventure that remains from that Papua has so often traversed by explorers or GoogleMap.